Hello! As you've undoubtedly guessed by now, my name is Adam. I hail from a suburb of Toledo, Ohio and I now reside in a suburb of Chicago. Ever since I can remember, art has been my thing. I took and excelled in every art class I could get into while growing up. I was constantly doodling in class, at dinner, in my room before bed every night. I had decided at a young age that art was going to play a part in my future career. After I graduated high school, I moved to Chicago to attend The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago. I began my college career not as a Graphic Design student, but as a Game Art and Design student. (Next to art and hockey, video games take up a large chunk of my time) After realizing how much writing was involved with game design, and how much more fun Photoshop and typography were, I quickly shifted gears and joined the Visual Communications program. Three very short years later, I had finished the program and graduated. I've held many jobs since then. I've designed logos, collateral and annual reports. I've prepped files for printers across the country. I've built entire prototype stores out of foam. Hell, I've even served coffee. No matter what I'm doing, my creative juices are always flowing and I plan on keeping things this way.